Carolina España Nock

Carolina España Nock - World's Most Versatile Entertainer and Ultimate Daredevil

Carolina España Nock Legendary Flying Trapeze and Aerial Daredevil, originally from Mexico, Carolina España Nock is recognized around the world as The Original Most Versatile Entertainer and Ultimate Daredevil. Originally Carolina is credited along with her brother and sister by creating and pioneering, The Original Flying Españas.

The Flying Españas performed there debut performance January of 1975 for Circo Atayde in Mexico City. This was the very first time the Original Flying Españas and family produced their ground breaking act in the circus industry. Ramon, Gladis and Carolina España combined Ballet, Aerial Choreography and Aerial gymnastic stunts in their unique brand of The Flying Trapeze that would make them instantly recognizable and world famous in just a few years. Carolina is also co-owner of the Legendary Nerveless Nocks Entertainment Inc., the greatest name in Daredevil Entertainment. Carolina España Nock performs The Towering Sway Poles and is the only woman to ever perform on The Giant Double Space Wheel, The Motorcycle High Wire, The Flying Trapeze, Aerial Contortions on the Aerial Lira, and The Original Globe of Death Motorcycle Steel Ball. Carolina also has performed her trapeze stunts underneath a helicopter 500 feet above the ground hanging by her toes.